What do you think it means to have a life that works?


Ideas, transitions, well being, and lifestyle

People often work unnecessarily hard getting things started, only to find out that there was an easier way or it wasn't what they thought it would be. I love supporting others as they take steps forward on projects, ideas, social enterprises, or significant life changes.

As someone who has worked across a huge array of industries, I'm able to speak multiple 'work languages' and unravel thoughts, ideas, intentions and actions. Having been through some significant changes myself (and worked alongside dozens of individuals and organisations doing the same) I'm not afraid of asking tough questions, and am often able to find shortcuts, make introductions, or share hard truths. 

Sounding board
$40 (first 30min free)

I love meeting with people who:

  • Are considering quitting/downsizing their job
  • Have an early-stage social enterprise or charity idea
  • Can't get out of 'work mode' or struggle with "work/life balance"

Let's sit down for half an hour and talk about what's happening for you, and figure out what your next steps might be. Sliding scale fee up to 2hrs.

Monthly Check ins

I work with people in these situations:

  • Starting a 'side hustle' alongside full- or part-time work
  • Have or are about to launch an organisation trying to do good
  • Going through a significant life transition

3 months of tailored coaching, structured to help you get through the first stages and avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary expenses. 

Transitions and Change

Ongoing coaching for those seeking drastic lifestyle changes.

  • High-performance individuals
  • Aspiring and professional creatives
  • Executive leaders turned social entrepreneurs

6 months of regular personal coaching, with the purpose of designing a life that works for you and fundamentally adds value to the world. By application and interview.

I'm also involved as a facilitator or trainer in programmes with The Mental Health Foundation, Leadership Lab, Ākina Foundation, and Arete Group.

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