What do you think it means to have a life that works?

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We work on gnarly problems and moonshot ideas that are trying to change the world for good.

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Areas of work

Facilitation and visioning

What do we do next? How can we make this happen? Why does our organisation really exist? What's our purpose? These are questions that anyone can answer, with a bit of help.

Community building

Since an early age clubs, groups, and movements have been a large part of my life. As an extrovert and communicator I find it easy to connect with mostly anyone, and am passionate about letting people do the things they want to do.


I'm really interested in lining up operational work with something bigger than just 'our work', and ensuring that it is mutually supportive of other work towards the same goal. I work with purpose-led organisations - Social Enterprises and Charities.

Speaking and Master of Ceremonies (MC)

As a seasoned public speaker, I regularly address corporate groups and training courses, local and international student groups, leadership forums and thought-leadership conferences. I tailor every talk to suit the objectives and theme of the event and can speak anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 hours.

Education and training

I'm an advocate of service learning / community work integrated learning - bolstering practical experience with an academic framework and active reflection. Over the past 10 years I've worked with small children right through to people of retirement age, and a wide range of peoples on 4 continents.


Music is food for the soul. I crave it, make it, and give it away.

Everyone’s life should fill them with life. 

Everything you do should help you be the best you, and others be the best them.

If there is anything to do, there is certainly a best way to do it, and the best way is both the most economical and the most graceful.
— Inazo Nitobe