What do you think it means to have a life that works?
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I Speak

Motivator, educator, storyteller, I am described as having "an energy that inspires and recharges people".

As a seasoned Inspirational / Motivational speaker, I regularly address corporate groups and training courses, local and international student groups, leadership forums and thought-leadership conferences. I tailor every talk to suit the objectives and theme of your event and can speak anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 hours.

To inspire or Motivate

After co-founding the Student Volunteer Army Foundation and several years of incredible experiences, I have adopted a philosophy that can relate to any industry or field of thought. I enjoy sharing this story and exploring some bigger ideas through the worldview of the audience in front of me.

Emergency Management / Disaster Risk Reduction

As a core leader of the Student Volunteer Army Foundation, I was involved in 7 disaster responses on 3 continents between 2010-12. I have addressed Emergency Management groups and conferences throughout NZ, Australia, USA and Israel, weaving lessons learned into global development trends.

About Youth Leadership

I started my 'professional career' by being thrust through a range of bizarre experiences before even finishing University. This has seen me pigeon-holed me as a 'young changemaker' for 4 years and counting, and nominated as a finalist for Young New Zealander of the Year in both 2014 and 2015. There are many things that we know as young people, and many things I wish I'd known when starting out.

Out of the 60 plus evaluations you were mentioned as the highlight on 53 of them

You need to be heard by every Emergency Management Professional in Australia.

Thank you for telling me exactly what I needed to hear

See this 7 minute video of my Pecha Kucha talk at Festival for the Future 2014.

On Miscellaneous and Sundry

I like the challenge of delivering an 'undeliverable message' in a digestible way. This has seen me dissect the faults of our relationship with money for an audience of senior accounting partners; exploring peace and community development whilst hosted by the Israeli Defence Force; and tell thousands of teenagers to stop talking about saving the world and instead worry about making themselves amazing people.

Thank you so much for the vision – I’m inspired

Why choose me?

  • I challenge traditional thinking
  • I have real stories and a genuine attitude
  • I'm hilarious - ask my Mom
  • I'm cheaper than Richie McCaw
  • It's good for my mental health!

There are too many things changing too quickly in our lives to be able to keep up with it all. I have a real skill at pressing a lot of information into a handful of stories, examples, and ideas to make it more digestible for people. I speak to literally any industry, and enjoy new challenges.