What do you think it means to have a life that works?


Lifestyle Design

Everyday life should fill you with life

There is a dominant pattern of living in western society that dictates how many of us view and value ourselves. When we meet people we ask 'what do you do?' when we really mean 'tell me about yourself', or 'who are you?'. Our job becomes a proxy for our identity, despite many of us having varied skills and passions (and jobs that we hate to varying degrees).

I subscribe to the belief that we should each be pursuing a life that fills us with life, and doing it in a way that doesn't prevent anyone else from doing the same. Some of us make money to then spend it having fun, while others take different approaches. The point is that there are many ways to design a lifestyle to suit you, and I support people on that journey. So now when meeting new people I ask 'how do you fill your days?'.

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