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Three things most organisations do wrong


The reality for most business environments these days is one of huge complexity - a world of unknown unknowns where there is no 'best practice' for how to do what we do. Approaching this world with a belief that we can rationalise our way through it is all too common, and typically fails.


Many businesses spend much of their time and effort fighting to get their slice of the pie. The days of dog-eat-dog, cutthroat business are in drastic decline, and those who are only in it for themselves are too. Businesses that think of themselves before everyone else are doomed to fail.


Walking away at the end of the day with a healthy profit margin is the number one sign of success for any business. We see organisational success as unrelated to lifestyle, despite the very real impacts organisations have on customers, staff, and supply chains. We can do better.

What I do with organisations

Redefining Success

Purpose, vision, strategy, values.. pick your language set and I'll help you redefine it all without giving up the bottom line. This process is about defining what success looks like, and getting absolute clarity about what you need to do and why you are going to do it.

Impact Measurement

What are you trying to achieve and how do you know if you're achieving it? Monitoring and evaluation systems for financial and non-financial objectives are critical to the long term success of any organisation operating in the modern world.


I have worked with 6 organisations over multi-year transitions, and prefer to work with medium to large organisations who are exploring and undertaking transitions into Social Enterprise models. Please contact me to discuss options.


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