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I Sing

to add whatever atmosphere you want.

to add whatever atmosphere you want.

Solo or a 4-piece Band

Background music

Setting the right tone at a function is very important. You want music that's nice to listen to but doesn't distract from conversation. You want to recognise some songs but don't want everyone singing along. You need to plan ahead and have excellent communication with the entertainment, and don't want to be worrying if they'll show up on time or be shocked by what they'll be wearing.  That's how I can help.

We’ve had so many compliments on the music, thank you thank you!

Wedding Ceremonies

Live music brings so much life to your special day. You want to meet with someone who cares and can help you choose the exact songs you want, which words to skip, change or start walking on and everything else you haven't thought of yet. You want the songs to start and finish at the exact right moment and not leave the best man sweating over pressing play and pause. You want a charismatic entertainer who will keep the guests smiling during your afternoon photoshoot. That's how I can help. 

Your music was the best part of our Wedding - just don’t tell [the Groom] I said that!

Parties, functions, and late nights

You want to dance. You want a mic you can use for speeches. You want to start and stop whenever you want to start and stop. You want to request songs. You want 'the oldies' to hear their favourites and have just as much of a good time as you and your mates. You want the lads and the lasses to be having fun. You want a solid band that plays what you want to hear, what you didn't know you wanted to hear, and what you're so glad you heard. That's what we do. 

Wow. You guys are incredible! Just wow! THANK YOU!